Areas of Activity

The Tamburro Law Firm, established since the early seventies by Elvio Tamburro, has operated in the field of consulting and assisting companies with taxation and fiscal matters.

Luciano Tamburro, founder and senior partner, has extended the scope of the firm’s operations by reaching it to other disciplines of interest in the sector, such as, labor law, commercial and industrial law, intellectual property, assets.

In the meantime, links have been established with other professional firms, operating in Italy and abroad, to provide more effective assistance to clients, also on a territorial level.

The firm’s philosophy of action consists in the global and multidisciplinary approach to the problems presented by the client, both of private and legal entity, in order to prevent the onset of any pathological phases of the activity carried out by it and in such a case, to seek and implement actions of contrast and resolution, out of court, or judicial.

  • The firm provides advice and protection to clients in the areas of trade union law, labor and social security. In particular, the professionals working in this sector provide the necessary consultation and assistance for the procedures of redundancy, mobility, individual and collective dismissals, both for the extrajudicial and administrative phases and for any litigation.

  • Within the Firm, there are professionals specialized in European Law, both in the Community field and in the protection of fundamental rights included in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights. Specially, the firm provides advice to individuals and legal entities in these matters, as well as the assistance necessary to ensure the protection of legal situations related to them, both at national level and before the Court of Justice of Luxembourg and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. The Firm has also gained specific experience in the field of International Labor Law.

  • The firm assists its clients by providing them with all the necessary advice for the incorporation and management of any type of company, whether national or international, including extraordinary transactions relating to mergers, demergers, the sale of business units, joint venture and partnership agreements, depending on the strategic and operational needs indicated by the client. The firm assists clients in shareholders’ meetings, transfers of securities, registrations and negotiations and any other procedure relating to corporate and business activities, as well as for negotiation needs, according to the types of internal or “common law” contracts. The firm has gained specific experience in precautionary and merit actions aimed at protecting the discipline of competition between companies. The firm also provides advice and protection in the field of bankruptcy law and insolvency procedures, in the support and reorganization of companies in crisis. Specifically, the firm’s professionals also provide the necessary advice and assistance in the pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy phases and in any other procedures regarding it, both in administrative and contentious proceedings.

  • The firm provides clients with assistance and advice on matters relating to trademarks, patents, know-how, copyright, privacy and image rights and, in general, everything concerning the protection of intellectual property.

  • Tamburro law firm assures protection for the client before any jurisdiction of any order and degree, for any kind of civil and labour dispute, as well as in the seats of ritual or informal arbitration.

  • The firm has extended its operations in the areas of corporate criminal liability, notably in the fields of criminal labour law, criminal tax law, criminal corporate law and bankruptcy law, and in the profiles of corporate administrative liability pursuant to Law 231 of 1991.

  • The firm has a traditional general expertise in Civil Law matters.